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I just saw this!! Thank you so much!!!! This means everything to me!!

5 Seconds Of Summer Studio Session


when the whole squad hit the mall looking fresh af




Cal just really wants to be in the shot…







this is an accurate representation of how calum ended up in the band. 

"he just wedged himself in."




AU: Billie Joe of Green Day talks about working with 5SOS x

oh my god this is literally from a foreverly interview (x)
billie never said anything about 5sos

it’s an au meme do u not understand omg im laughing at you

Ashton Irwin + Bandanas [Part 1]




Don’t shame the girls who sent pictures of themselves half-naked to their significant others as a way to express eroticism which is healthy and natural… give the people hell who think it’s okay to destroy someone’s trust and distribute those images simply for entertainment purposes. 

Say it again. I don’t think they got it the first time. Too much truth.




do you ever realize that we spend our days hoping imaginary people will kiss each other